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  • Gerard Johnson

    Have you ever worked with Netapp and seen mpio issues on a linux client connecting to his luns on a non-optimal path in other words be connecting to the partner path over the interlink. Seen that in your customers environment and if so what was your fix action?

    • Hi Gerard,

      I haven’t worked in NetApp storage products but the issue that you seem to have could possibly be a multipath issue. In linux if MPIO is not configured properly these sort of issues will arise. If an host connects to LUNs on a non optimal path there could be two things to look at.

      1. Path Selection Policy set in host
      2. LUN ownership by controller

      The above two parameters purely depends on the type of storage array. For optimal LUN usage the array must be ALUA aware and also you need to refer to best practices for that particular storage array.